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From bars and restaurants to your practice

Quick Response codes are a simple way to share or transfer information easily and quickly. Several years ago, they were awkward and slow to use, but thanks to the native QR code recognition built into modern smartphone cameras, it’s much faster and easier than a few years ago. So is this something you could use in your practice?

How to select a Voice over IP (VoIP) supplier

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) allows you to make and receive calls using an internet connection rather than a telephone line. Animana's VoIP integration takes this a step further, supporting outgoing calls and automatic customer search on incoming calls.

How to run your practice as smoothly as a Rolodex

You love your job, and you put all your energy and passion into it, and yet there are always little things that get in the way you can't control. Time is precious. Your diary may run efficiently, but a lack of time can quickly upset the rest of the day when something unexpected happens. A single late pet owner can cause your consultation hour to overrun and cause a significant time squeeze. Experiencing too little time can give a feeling of pressure and stress. Still, you can do something about it - by spending less time on things that could be done faster, more efficiently, or even automatically.

How to keep consultations running on time

A single consultation running overtime can have knock-on effects throughout your practice. We take a look at how to get reception working in harmony with consultations to ensure smooth running while maintaining excellent customer service.

Our tips to work smarter, and reduce stress

According to Eurostat, the average UK employee works 42.5 hours a week, one of the highest in Europe. If you're like most veterinarians, you're probably clocking well over this figure, and with that comes stress - the feeling of being 'busy' can cause stress leading to burnout. So below are our tips to improve stress levels in the practice.

Communicating during a crisis

How do you ensure that you inform your customers in the most effective way possible? Below are some examples of how you can quickly and easily communicate with pet owners.

Do more with less

Communicating via text messages represents a challenge due to the length of text messages. So how do you effectively inform your customer using a limited number of characters?

Cutting through the noise (5 tips for good customer service)

We know; you're most at home behind the scenes - whether it's in the operating room, or perhaps monitoring patients. It's not something to be ashamed of as most veterinary professionals are more comfortable with pets than with people - it's what you've trained to do. But let's be honest - we are in a sector that also revolves around people - pet owners. We must ensure that customer service remains high, as this immediately benefits the care of the pet, and in this modern-day, good experiences mean good business. Because we know it's not easy, here are our five tips to help you maintain customer service.
Finding New Opportunities

Theme up for new opportunities

Veterinary companies often put a lot of time, energy, and money into developing and maintaining large national campaigns, and because the theme gets a lot of national attention, it will also create awareness among your customers. So it can be quite smart to "hitch a ride" on the back of the awareness which others are creating.

Armed to the teeth (with features)

The busy post-Christmas, health focussed January is now over, and for many, February brings your practices first chance to focus on marketing. And where better to start than to take a good look at your own arsenal of weapons. Arsenal of weapons?…