Your practice’s vital road junction

"Thanks for your time," the pet owner tells the vet as he leaves the examination room. "The medication will be waiting for you at the counter, have a nice day," responds the vet. The consultation is done, and now the most critical moment of the visit begins; summarising treatment and taking payment.

Keep your Animana account secure with official integrations

Integrating with Animana - and thus exchanging data - is not a process that we approach lightly. Becoming an approved partner is preceded by a formal process that includes certification to ensure that the integration is sound, that users' privacy is protected, and that data is securely processed. Simply put, we take data security very seriously, and there is an extensive approval process to become an integration partner with Animana

How to select a Voice over IP (VoIP) supplier

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) allows you to make and receive calls using an internet connection rather than a telephone line. Animana's VoIP integration takes this a step further, supporting outgoing calls and automatic customer search on incoming calls.


If you start paying attention to it, you'll notice that the signal word 'but' is frequently used, and you will undoubtedly regularly catch yourself using it. However short the word may be, and despite good intentions, it can unintentionally have a considerable impact - nullifying everything positive that came before it.

Digital preventative care for your practice in three steps

We know the subject of data security can be tedious, complicated and time-consuming. However, this does not make the subject any less important. So in this article, we will talk about the familiar theme "Prevent rather than cure", but in the field of digital security in your practice.

How to run your practice as smoothly as a Rolodex

You love your job, and you put all your energy and passion into it, and yet there are always little things that get in the way you can't control. Time is precious. Your diary may run efficiently, but a lack of time can quickly upset the rest of the day when something unexpected happens. A single late pet owner can cause your consultation hour to overrun and cause a significant time squeeze. Experiencing too little time can give a feeling of pressure and stress. Still, you can do something about it - by spending less time on things that could be done faster, more efficiently, or even automatically.

Free rabies antibody test for Ukrainian pets

A humanitarian disaster is currently unfolding for the people of Ukraine. In addition, we are receiving reports that some of the pets of Ukrainian refugees need laboratory testing. Therefore, we are offering free rabies antibody testing for…

Five tips to write catchy content for pet owners

A well-written, informative aftercare letter, handout, email or even a simple reminder is your first line of defence - the Trojan horse, your storm surge barrier. We cover some best practices and tips on creating and sharing effective communication.
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Sample, click and go – experience the ease of seamless integration

Nothing is more annoying than spending time to solve problems that shouldn't exist. Sometimes it's unavoidable, for example, a failing infusion pump or a glitchy autoclave. However, you have more control over two time-consuming issues: waiting and human error.