Ensuring continued connectivity with your in-house diagnostic equipment

It is very inconvenient when your in-house lab results or X-rays do not appear in Animana. Especially when time is at a premium. Therefore, it is important to keep two of our supporting applications up-to-date.

The hardest times that made you who you are

Beautiful things often arise from tricky situations - when everything is easy, there is no reason to do things differently, and innovation stops. Now and then, a quick trip out of our comfort zone is a good thing - it can force us to improve.

The value of time – Three Animana time-saving tools

Time is perhaps one of the most valuable things - priceless, not for sale, and if you waste it, you never get it back. It's something special, yet it can be laborious and has no fixed value. It passes slowly when you wait for a bus, and quickly when you're on holiday. We understand that the time you spend in your practice is valuable, and we realise that Animana knowledge can have a significant impact. So we've put together a few tips you may not know about to help you save time in Animana.

Learn more about the benefits of cloud software

Since June 2021, with the addition of ezyVet - a leading software created in New Zealand - practices in the United Kingdom and Ireland have a wider range of solutions from the company they know and love. About ezyVet Running a veterinary…

3 Tips to get more control of your diary

How do you plan for the unknown without relinquishing control? If your practice were a hall full of dominoes, you mustn't allow a single point of failure, and you should apply the same logic to your practice. Your diary is your lifeline and the backbone of your practice - it must be flexible enough to run in and out of time but allow for unexpected events (and moments of rest and respite). Let's look at ways to achieve this.

Clear cut – the hairdresser’s secret

A beauty salon, restaurant, or hairdresser has a lot in common with your veterinary practice. All have recently adopted online tools to help them become expert planners - managing high demand and customer satisfaction.

Five tips for creating effective reminders

How do you ensure that an owner does not forget the next treatment or vaccination? How can you increase compliance? Before they even open the email, there are typically three things a pet owner sees when they receive an email. Based on what they see, they will decide to read the email (or not). Here are our tips for creating great reminder content.

Avoid holiday hassles – Five tips for the veterinary practice

Before you go on holiday, it's essential to assign your work as well as you can. Still, it sometimes happens that while you're away, things don't run smoothly - even the smallest things can impact practice productivity. We asked our colleagues from Customer Support for their most frequently asked questions relating to the absence of a colleague.

How to keep consultations running on time

A single consultation running overtime can have knock-on effects throughout your practice. We take a look at how to get reception working in harmony with consultations to ensure smooth running while maintaining excellent customer service.