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Music conductor

The perfect symphony: Personalise your experience in IDEXX Animana

Imagine a veterinary practice where you are the conductor, skilfully directing the daily flow of consultations, surgeries, and administrative tasks. Sounds like music to your ears, right? What if you could customise your software to make it feel as if it was designed exclusively for you?

Making a mistake – 5 psychological effects for branding and practice marketing

We've all done it; spent a few hours hand-crafting a newsletter, or perhaps a brochure, letter or email. We scan it through, maybe do a test or send it to a colleague, and then click send. A few minutes go by, and then you get that sinking feeling realising you made a mistake, and can't do anything about it. This happened to us recently after sending our Dutch newsletter out, with an old title.

From bars and restaurants to your practice

Quick Response codes are a simple way to share or transfer information easily and quickly. Several years ago, they were awkward and slow to use, but thanks to the native QR code recognition built into modern smartphone cameras, it’s much faster and easier than a few years ago. So is this something you could use in your practice?

Five tips to get the most out of email in Animana

Emailing is a piece of cake, isn't it? After all, who doesn't email? However, sending personal emails is very different from work-related emails. Below we give you some email-related Animana tips you probably didn't know. For example - did you know you can send multiple invoices in a single email?
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Sample, click and go – experience the ease of seamless integration

Nothing is more annoying than spending time to solve problems that shouldn't exist. Sometimes it's unavoidable, for example, a failing infusion pump or a glitchy autoclave. However, you have more control over two time-consuming issues: waiting and human error.
cloud practice management software

Working in The Cloud – Web Based software

In 2000, Animana was way ahead of the competition in terms of its technological capabilities when it launched a 100% web-based veterinary management solution. Since then Animana has used its wealth of experience and technical knowledge to pull…