The perfect symphony: Personalise your experience in IDEXX Animana

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Imagine a veterinary practice where you are the conductor, skilfully directing the daily flow of consultations, surgeries, and administrative tasks. Sounds like music to your ears, right? As a veterinarian or practice manager, you cannot afford to get lost in a maze of clicks and tabs on your computer screen. What if you could customise your software to make it feel as if it was designed exclusively for you? It’s time to take control and make your workflow run like a finely tuned instrument.

In the fast-paced field of veterinary medicine, even a little personalisation can have a huge impact on your workflow. We are thrilled to announce that the latest version of IDEXX Animana now allows you to customise patient actions in the patient and herd files. By doing so, you can concentrate on what truly matters – providing exceptional veterinary care. Keep reading to discover why personalisation is revolutionising today’s veterinary practice.

The practical benefits

Personalising the action buttons in patient files has several advantages that have a direct impact on the efficiency and effectiveness of your practice, namely:

  1. Fewer clicks, more time: In a busy practice, every additional click causes delays. This may seem insignificant, but in a day full of consultations, surgical procedures and administrative tasks, those extra seconds can quickly add up. By having the most used features at your fingertips, you can turn those seconds into minutes and ultimately hours of valuable time.
  2. A personalised workflow: Not everyone in the practice performs the same tasks. A veterinarian has different needs than a veterinary nurse or practice manager. With personalised action buttons, each team member can customise their view, allowing everyone to work more efficiently. This not only leads to individual productivity but also promotes smoother team dynamics.
  3. Reduce margin for error: Spending less time navigating menus reduces error or missing information. In veterinary practices, small mistakes can have consequences for the patient. By putting the tools you use most at the forefront, you can directly increase your quality of care.

If you recognise these benefits you’ll be pleased to know that Animana allows user-level customisations that let you configure the interface to suit your workflow. One example is in the patient file.

  • Personalise patient actions. Animana offers both pre-defined and customisable protocols, selected either from easy-access buttons or a drop-down menu. Via the “File settings” link in the patient file, you can define where the action appears, and the order.
  • Streamlined interface. Patient file actions and filters have gone through usability and accessibility testing to ensure they are easier to find and use.
  • Unified diagnostics menu. For a streamlined workflow, diagnostic actions, such as IDEXX In-House Analysis and Laboratory Result, are launched through a single button with a drop-down menu in the patient file.

Are you ready to become the maestro of your daily practice symphony? Click here to read more about the changes for the patient file and to start personalising your workflow.

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