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In 2000, Animana was way ahead of the competition in terms of its technological capabilities when it launched a 100% web-based veterinary management solution. Since then Animana has used its wealth of experience and technical knowledge to pull even further ahead of the competition. Unlike other software fields where cloud-based working has become the norm, the majority of veterinary practice management software still remains non-cloud-based – with each clinic requiring an expensive “server”, and dedicated Windows-based client computers. Animana remains one of the few fully web-based solutions offering a complete solution for the veterinary practice. Working in the cloud offers many advantages to veterinary practices. Whether you call it ‘cloud-based’, ‘web-based’, ‘SaaS, or simply ‘on-line’ or ‘in the cloud’ what does the term really mean –  what are the advantages, are there disadvantages, and how safe is it?

Why Work in The Cloud?

The biggest advantage of working in the cloud is that wherever you are, you always have access to all of your data. All you need is an internet-connected web browser (such as Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, or Safari, running on a computer, laptop, iPad or any other mobile device. Because the complicated calculations are done by the Animana servers in the cloud, you only need systems with moderate specifications to get access. You also don’t need to worry about updating servers and maintaining other expensive equipment – not only is this more convenient but also reduces purchase, depreciation, and support costs.

Another advantage of working with Animana in the cloud is the licensing model; no additional licenses or workstations are necessary as your practice grows.

You also don’t need to worry about backups – the Animana cloud is backed up daily to a second data centre, so even in the most unlikely event that something were to happen, a recent back-up is available, and can be restored by the Animana support team.

Security in The Cloud

Animana takes security seriously – and working in the Animana cloud is very safe. Animana works over secure, verified and encrypted channels between your practice and the Animana data centre.

In addition, you can also take extra measures to protect your data;

  • Make sure you have a stable and well-secured internet connection – choose a reliable Internet Service Provider and secure your wireless network with a password
  • Enable Animana’s “Authorised IP address” functionality to allow access only from approved locations.
  • Regularly change your Animana passwords.

With these measures in hand, working with Animana in the cloud is guaranteed to be safe.

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