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How communication skills make your job easier

Communication with pet owners can be challenging. Conversations don't always go as planned, and sometimes we may not be prepared for all the questions or even the behaviour of the owner. In some cases, the owner's conduct may be considered transgressive, and, understandably, such experiences can be overwhelming.

“Yesterday you said tomorrow”

If you've ever put something off until tomorrow, you know how easily "tomorrow" can turn into "yesterday". Everyone procrastinates sometimes, often with tasks that you find difficult or discouraging. A while ago we came across a message on LinkedIn that read “Yesterday you said tomorrow”. The text stuck with us.

Animana help hub – new features for Q4 2022

Improvements to the Animana help hub include; An improved and smarter search engine, Visual improvements to "In focus" pages, Partner knowledge base - Vetstoria, Contextual in-page help, New visual elements on the ‘Status’ page, Share your experience - or complaints - with us easily, Request a colleague login, In focus: data security

How do you future-proof your practice?

If we asked you what superpower you would like to have, you might answer: flying like superman, talking to animals, stopping time, or perhaps predicting the future. In this article, we take a look at how a fun best-case, worst-case exercise can help you tell the future, and shape the path of your practice.

Tips for handling impatient customers

Recently, Zendesk, published a report stating that 66% of customers are less patient than the year before. When considering your patience, you might immediately think about that emergency patient who is not actually an emergency, or the "I'm going on holiday tomorrow and still have to vaccinate my 5 dogs against rabies and also need new passports" appointments.

Ever changing prices

Talking about prices is always an awkward topic. As consumers, we like to get the best deal possible, and as business owners and entrepreneurs, we want the best price for a product or service. The balance between these means there will always be a discussion about the 'right' price. Still, it's good to talk about it now and then, especially now.

From bars and restaurants to your practice

Quick Response codes are a simple way to share or transfer information easily and quickly. Several years ago, they were awkward and slow to use, but thanks to the native QR code recognition built into modern smartphone cameras, it’s much faster and easier than a few years ago. So is this something you could use in your practice?

Five tips to get the most out of email in Animana

Emailing is a piece of cake, isn't it? After all, who doesn't email? However, sending personal emails is very different from work-related emails. Below we give you some email-related Animana tips you probably didn't know. For example - did you know you can send multiple invoices in a single email?

Your practice’s vital road junction

"Thanks for your time," the pet owner tells the vet as he leaves the examination room. "The medication will be waiting for you at the counter, have a nice day," responds the vet. The consultation is done, and now the most critical moment of the visit begins; summarising treatment and taking payment.

How to select a Voice over IP (VoIP) supplier

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) allows you to make and receive calls using an internet connection rather than a telephone line. Animana's VoIP integration takes this a step further, supporting outgoing calls and automatic customer search on incoming calls.