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Talking about prices is always an awkward topic. As consumers, we like to get the best deal possible, and as business owners and entrepreneurs, we want the best price for a product or service. The balance between these means there will always be a discussion about the ‘right’ price. Still, it’s good to talk about it now and then, especially now.

Given the rising costs such as gas and electricity, you’ve probably given much thought to changes to your pricing, as it is vital to maintain the right margin to keep a healthy company.

We won’t go into detail here on how and why you should adjust services or prices or how to communicate intended changes. Instead, this article will look at practical tools to make the associated work easier. For other information, we advise you to talk to your team and your accountant and get insights from veterinary consultancies.

1. Updating product pricing from suppliers’ pricelists

Animana integrates with several suppliers, making their prices available to any Animana user. However, this doesn’t mean that their price changes will automatically be changed – Animana puts you in control of your pricing, allowing you to set pricing (based on their latest prices) per product.

2. Gain insight into prices and pricing policies

“To measure is to know” – this phrase comes up with some regularity in our articles and for a reason. Before you start ‘tinkering’, it is essential to gain insight into possible outcomes. You can also use reports to track the effects of your changes. The following articles on the Animana help hub will help you understand your practice, services and prices.

3. Communicating changes

You cannot subtly implement a change in service or price. Pet owners immediately notice when the price of regular medications or pet food changes. Consider letting customers know upfront about price changes builds understanding and allows customers to prepare for changes. We also recommend looking at price changes from the customers’ point of view – is the ‘value’ of the product or service changing? Of course, this does not always apply, especially with inflation or annual corrections. You can make pricing changes in Animana in no time, but the communication requires some investment; you may want to check with your suppliers to see if they have prepared materials to help you communicate changes.

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