Your practice’s vital road junction

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“Thanks for your time,” the pet owner tells the vet as he leaves the examination room. “The medication will be waiting for you at the counter, have a nice day,” responds the vet. The consultation is done, and now the most critical moment of the visit begins; summarising treatment and taking payment.

Creating a smooth customer experience

Reception is perhaps the last point in most customer journeys before customers leave your practice fully informed and feeling good. It’s also the moment when many actions come together for the practice and therefore a moment when things can go wrong. Like a road junction, everything runs smoothly as long as the traffic lights function and the layout was thought through; this moment is the same. Of course, it’s also the time when unplanned mistakes happen – from giving the wrong medication to selecting the incorrect payment method. These minor blunders can result in a bad customer experience for the pet owner or a difficult-to-resolve cash difference at the end of a day.

Unfortunately, in 2022, practices can be understaffed and overworked, and mistakes are easily made. Providing your customers with the same level of attention, providing preventative care compliance advice at every visit and maintaining a fluid customer experience isn’t always possible at the end of the consultation.

Animana’s most used functionality in a new look

To improve this final stage of the customer journey, we have redesigned the existing payment function in Animana based on user feedback and research. We’ve tested it with users, refined it, and enriched it with functionalities.

Our new payment page includes:

  • A simplified way of processing different payments, with fewer clicks to process a payment
  • More information and invoice details
  • The ability to quickly e-mail invoices to customers
  • Payment history directly available through the payment screen
  • Refined payment notes and descriptions, especially for “No payments”.

By simplifying and enriching this screen, we hope to make the last steps of the pet owner’s visit more pleasant so that there can be more focus on what really matters: patient care and providing essential information.

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