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Making a mistake – 5 psychological effects for branding and practice marketing

We've all done it; spent a few hours hand-crafting a newsletter, or perhaps a brochure, letter or email. We scan it through, maybe do a test or send it to a colleague, and then click send. A few minutes go by, and then you get that sinking feeling realising you made a mistake, and can't do anything about it. This happened to us recently after sending our Dutch newsletter out, with an old title.

Your veterinary practice as a brand

A brand - what is that? You might think it's simply the part consumers see, but it's much more than that. For example, you may buy products from companies with whom you feel a strong connection, even if that product is not necessarily better than that of another producer. So what exactly is a brand, and how can you leverage it to increase your practice success?

From bars and restaurants to your practice

Quick Response codes are a simple way to share or transfer information easily and quickly. Several years ago, they were awkward and slow to use, but thanks to the native QR code recognition built into modern smartphone cameras, it’s much faster and easier than a few years ago. So is this something you could use in your practice?

Five tips to get the most out of email in Animana

Emailing is a piece of cake, isn't it? After all, who doesn't email? However, sending personal emails is very different from work-related emails. Below we give you some email-related Animana tips you probably didn't know. For example - did you know you can send multiple invoices in a single email?


If you start paying attention to it, you'll notice that the signal word 'but' is frequently used, and you will undoubtedly regularly catch yourself using it. However short the word may be, and despite good intentions, it can unintentionally have a considerable impact - nullifying everything positive that came before it.

Five tips to write catchy content for pet owners

A well-written, informative aftercare letter, handout, email or even a simple reminder is your first line of defence - the Trojan horse, your storm surge barrier. We cover some best practices and tips on creating and sharing effective communication.
2022 trends

2022 Trends for veterinary practices

Whether you liked it or not, 2021 seemed like the moment you realised the roller-coaster was going to do everything again but backwards. But because this ride is now finished, let’s look ahead to 2022, this time, not with tips, but with trends. Here are a few things we want to share during our research into what we might expect in 2022.

The value of time – Three Animana time-saving tools

Time is perhaps one of the most valuable things - priceless, not for sale, and if you waste it, you never get it back. It's something special, yet it can be laborious and has no fixed value. It passes slowly when you wait for a bus, and quickly when you're on holiday. We understand that the time you spend in your practice is valuable, and we realise that Animana knowledge can have a significant impact. So we've put together a few tips you may not know about to help you save time in Animana.

Clear cut – the hairdresser’s secret

A beauty salon, restaurant, or hairdresser has a lot in common with your veterinary practice. All have recently adopted online tools to help them become expert planners - managing high demand and customer satisfaction.

Five tips for creating effective reminders

How do you ensure that an owner does not forget the next treatment or vaccination? How can you increase compliance? Before they even open the email, there are typically three things a pet owner sees when they receive an email. Based on what they see, they will decide to read the email (or not). Here are our tips for creating great reminder content.