The value of time – Three Animana time-saving tools

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Time (next to health) is perhaps one of the most valuable things there is. It is priceless, not for sale, and if you waste it, you never get it back. Time is something special, yet it can be laborious and has no fixed value. It passes slowly when you wait for a bus or for a delivery to arrive, and quickly when you’re on holiday or a date with someone you like. Time is indistinct, a dimension or even space (according to Wikipedia). Even defining it and trying to find the ‘value of time’, we’re not much the wiser. However, one thing is clear: everyone experiences time differently, and time has a different value for everyone.

We do understand that the time you spend in your practice is valuable, and Animana knowledge and usage can have a significant impact. So we’ve put together a few tips to save time with Animana that you may not know about.

Get free help, best practices, and tips

You’re reading this, so you’ve already found your way to our blog, where we regularly post new content – from best practices to advice on improving practice efficiency. But are you making full use of our other self-help tools?

Our Customer Support department handles many different questions every day, so when we asked them for the best time-saving tip users might not be using, they unanimously said: the Knowledge Base. Click the blue question mark in the bottom right of Animana to open the help library, enter a search term (wait a second) and click one of the articles or guided help.

If you’re looking to brush up on your Animana skills, don’t forget you can also take our free self-paced: An introduction to Animana course, which you can access by clicking the “Learning” tab in the help library.

Finally, don’t forget to keep your eye on the Animana start-page or our website for our ever-growing library of Animana tips.


  • The help library is always available (24/7) for everyone
  • Get quick answers to your questions, and learn best practices at your own pace
  • Available within your Animana account

Price: Free

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Free up reception time and pain with online booking

We often write about online booking, but with good reason – it’s commonly a top pain when we talk to practices. Almost every aspect of managing appointments is time-consuming, whether creating a new appointment, amending, or reminding owners. So why not just outsource the appointment scheduling back to pet owners? With online appointment booking, pet owners can schedule an appointment for a wide variety of things themselves. You retain control over when, with whom (which location, veterinarian) and for what purposes (or not).


  • Great customer satisfaction – pet owners can independently make or amend an appointment 24/7
  • You retain all (and gain more) control over your practice diary
  • Frees up valuable reception resources

Price: It varies by provider and requirements, but for a full ROI calculation from Vetstoria, click here.

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Automatic caller-lookup with Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) integration.

By integrating Animana with your phone system, not only do you save call costs, but when a pet owner calls, the corresponding client record opens automatically in Animana. This integration not only saves time and stress when searching for a client record, but it also prevents miscommunication and gives you an excellent personalised customer experience – when you pick up the phone, you know exactly who’s calling.


  1. Saves time searching
  2. Prevents miscommunication
  3. Provides an excellent customer-friendly experience

Price: Free for all Animana users, but your VoIP provider may charge a setup fee.

Learn more: Animana features: VoIP

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