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Nothing is more annoying than spending time to solve problems that shouldn’t exist. Sometimes it’s unavoidable, for example, a failing infusion pump or a glitchy autoclave. However, you have more control over two time-consuming issues: waiting and human error.

Save up to 20 minutes per examination

By integrating Animana with your practice’s IDEXX analysis equipment, waiting and human error become a distant memory. You probably think, how? By starting the request from the patient file, all patient details are sent to your IDEXX VetLab Station, and all you have to do is place the sample in the analyser. As soon as a result is available, it is automatically passed back to the correct patient file. So no more hassle with processing, printing, and handing over test requests between colleagues. Just sample, click & go.

Animana’s seamless integrations with IDEXX in-house diagnostic equipment and IDEXX Reference Laboratories let you do more in less time:

  • Increase team efficiency by automating manual steps
  • Reduce human error
  • Improve clinical decisions with complete patient reports and direct access to historical views and trends within VetConnect PLUS.


Integration with IDEXX’s latest analyser – the ProCyte One

Animana release 5.5 and above support full integration with ProCyte One – the newest haematology analyser from IDEXX. This integration makes it possible to start a complete blood test directly from a patient record, saving time while reducing errors.


Discover ProCyte One

ProCyte One imageThe ProCyte One is packed with revolutionary technologies to deliver consistent, lab-quality results with unprecedented simplicity and efficiency. It’s the easiest way to get a reliable blood count in your practice, providing:

  • Accurate results, including reticulocytes
  • Fast, effortless operation
  • Integrated tools and expert support
  • Fixed price per test


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