Animana help hub – new features for September 2022

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In May 2022, we launched the Animana help hub, where you can quickly find the answer to your Animana-related questions in one handy place. On the help hub, we give you background information, knowledge, access to add-ons, integrations and the ability to manage your Animana account yourself. Since its launch in May, we have continuously updated and developed, adding more features and content.

We want to inform you about the new content, features and articles you may have missed.

Learning updates

Visit the “Learn” section of the hub to learn how to use Animana, work more efficiently, and discover existing and new functionalities.

NEW: Animana course The Basics

Following our general introduction to Animana training course, we’re happy to launch our new course ‘The Basics’. Whether you are a new user or have been working with Animana for years, this course has all the information you need to master Animana quickly and successfully. We, therefore, recommend everyone to take this course.

The courses in the Animana help hub are free to everyone and can be followed at your own pace.

New account requests

If you’re looking to add functionality to your Animana account or you have an invoicing question, we’ve added more options to the ‘Request’ section of the help hub.

NEW: Request colleague login(s)

If you collaborate with another practice, which also uses Animana, it is possible to share particular client and patient information via Animana’s ‘colleague login’ functionality. You can now quickly request this functionality to be added to your account.

NEW: Wholesaler change

If you change suppliers, settings in Animana may also need to be changed, such as packing slip integration. You can now easily and quickly request a change in your supplier, and we will make any necessary changes to the settings in your account.

NEW: Request for more invoice information

If you have a question about an Animana invoice you have received, you can now easily ask for more information about your invoice.

NEW: Request for more information about the payment of an invoice

Are you looking for more information about a payment made against an Animana invoice? Ask your question easily via the Animana help hub.

Support article updates

The Support section of the hub allows you to search and browse our regularly updated library of helpful knowledge base articles about Animana.

Here are the top 3 articles we have added/modified since launch:

  1. In focus: Processing a payment
  2. How do I set up the connection to Vetstoria?
  3. How do I deactivate a health plan? 

And here are the top 3 articles we adapted based on your feedback:

  1. How do I install OpenJDK on my computer?
  2. How do I set up notifications for automatic reminders?
  3. How do I transition my bookkeeping into the next year? 

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