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Animana Release Highlights: Version 4.18

This version of Animana contains several bug fixes, security improvements, and behind the scenes enhancements. It also includes the following changes:

New: Invoices now available in the Client Portal

If your practice provides access to your customers via the Client Portal, you’ll be pleased to know that users can now see invoices directly in their portal providing a better overview of invoice status.

Portal users can now see;

  • Invoice date,
  • Invoice number,
  • Total amount,
  • The outstanding amount due,
  • Payment status.

Invoice in client portal screenshot (EN)


  • Invoices will load one month at a time – you can select other periods using the year and month dropdowns in the top left.
  • Downloading invoices is not yet possible but is planned in a future release.
  • Caretakers will not have access to invoice information.


We hope you enjoy working with the new features and improvements we’ve introduced in this version of IDEXX Animana. If you have any questions about any of the changes listed above, don’t hesitate to check the Knowledge Base or get in touch with Animana Customer Support.

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