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Animana Release Highlights: Version 4.5

This version of Animana contains several bug fixes, security improvements, and behind the scenes enhancements. It also includes the following changes:

Improved IDEXX Reference lab results

You may have already noticed or will soon notice an improvement in the PDF for lab results through VetConnect PLUS from the patient file – it now has the same great look as the VetConnect PLUS online version.

Additional validations for appointments

You’ll now find validations now apply to appointment duration. When defining new appointment types, the system will show an alert if the duration is less than zero. When adding a new diary appointment, the alert will be shown when the duration is 0 or less.

Added Application Programming Interface (API) capabilities

An API makes it possible for programs to interact with each other. You can see it as the messenger that sends a question to another program and brings the reply back in an expected format. For example; if a pet owner books an appointment via Vetstoria. Vetstoria would use an API to ask Animana if there are available time slots for the appointment. The pet owner can book the appointment slot and the appointment is shown on the Animana agenda.

We’re constantly working on the API will enhance the current capabilities of secure data exchange between Animana and other applications, allowing us to work with other partners. In this release, we are adding more data points for external parties to access from Animana.

To access the Animana API documentation which is password protected please visit http://help.animana.com/api.

If you have any questions about this release, don’t hesitate to check the Knowledge Base or get in touch with Animana Customer Support.

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