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Animana Release Highlights: Version 5.8

This version of Animana contains several bug fixes, security improvements, and behind the scenes enhancements. It also includes the following changes:

Improved: Pet health plan setup

We’ve improved the management of Pet health plans, including the ability to deactivate plans, rather than delete them.

By default, when you view your health plans (Extra > Products > Health Plans), you’ll now see only active plans – to show inactive plans, look for the show active/inactive toggle in the top right.

Key changes to plans;

  1. Switching a plan from active to inactive (or vice versa) will not make any changes to plans which have been assigned to patients.
  2. Inactive plans can no longer be assigned to patients.
  3. A plan can only be deleted if it has not been assigned to a patient. If it has been assigned, you can mark the plan as “inactive” and use the active/inactive toggle in the top right to control the plan’s visibility in the list.

Key changes to plan rules;

  1. A rule can only be deleted if it has not been used yet to provide a discount to a patient. If it has been used, you can now mark the rule as inactive.
  2. If a rule is inactive, associated rules discounts will not apply.
  3. Inactive rules will be shown with a strikethrough, both on the setup page and the patient info panel. Fully used rules will be shown in red in the patient info panel, as shown below.

For more information, visit our knowledge base article here.


We hope you enjoy working with the new features and improvements we’ve introduced in this version of IDEXX Animana. If you have any questions about any of the changes listed above, don’t hesitate to check the Knowledge Base or get in touch with Animana Customer Support.

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