Our top 10 of 2022

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The turn of the year is always a good time to look back on the past year, so here are our favourite Animana moments of 2022.

1. We launched the Animana help hub

At the end of May 2022, we launched a new platform: the Animana help hub. As a user, you will quickly find answers to all your Animana questions here. The help hub is the place to find answers, gain knowledge, take online courses, check the status of Animana, get integrations, and request changes to your Animana account. Since its launch, the help hub has been visited by users more than 135,000 times!

2. We launched a new payment screen in Animana

Based on user feedback, in July we improved Animana’s payment screen. Not only was the design refreshed, but we also added extra functionality and improved usability. For example, you can now view invoice details and email invoices directly from the payment screen. We’re very proud and happy that we could help you complete your customer’s visit faster than ever before.

3. We brought you contextual help in Animana

Within Animana, we have started to add ‘in-page help’ buttons to more and more places. These buttons give context-sensitive help for the screen you’re on, so you don’t need to search for an answer to your question and can continue with your task at hand almost immediately. In 2022 we added these in-page help buttons to nine screens in Animana, and we’re planning to expand them in 2023!

4. We enabled you to handle account requests online

As an essential part of the Animana help hub, the requests page allows you to request changes to your Animana account. Whether it’s a copy of an invoice or enabling a feature; fill in a simple request form when it’s convenient, and our team will get to work on it.

5. We were finally able to go to events again

After two years of digital meetings, webinars and online conferences, we finally stood face-to-face again at various meetings and events. We loved seeing you again in real life!

6. We created topic-based “in focus” pages

Realising a need to bring together resources, we introduced our first “in focus” page in the summer, to help you through the payment screen changes. An “in focus” page brings together important information from knowledge base articles, course videos and blogs in a single clear page, along with frequently asked questions, tips and troubleshooting. In 2022, we created these two in-focus pages:

7. We made a faster visit form

For our users who use the visit form in Animana, in September, we updated the form to improve usability and save you time. For example, it’s now easier to calculate the visit duration or remove incorrectly added products.

8. We made it easier to give feedback on Animana

We value your opinion and always like to hear how we can help you better, and during 2022, we made it easier to provide feedback, whether it’s on new features, help hub articles, or Animana in general. For changes in Animana, look out for this icon (), when you see it, give it a click and submit your rating, along with optional text if you wish to provide more information. If you’re wanting to rate a help hub article, scroll to the bottom of the article for feedback options.

9. We regularly provided updates, security enhancements and features

Gone are the days when practice software had to be updated with a floppy disk or a CD-ROM. As cloud software, the biggest advantage is that your practice software is always up-to-date. In 2022 we added improvements and new features to Animana every month. If you didn’t have time to read about the improvements at the time, take a look at everything we added or improved via the link below.

10. Blogs, articles, tips and our newsletter

Every month – and sometimes more often – we create and share best practices, interesting articles, and tips via the Animana start page and our newsletter (if you’re registered!). Last year we received an overwhelmingly positive response to our articles. If you don’t want to miss anything, subscribe to our newsletter via the link below. And should you have a specific request or something you’d like to know more about, let us know and we will investigate for you!

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