Track lost information with Animana’s audit log

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Keeping your practice data safe from your cat

Accidentally making a change in Animana happens to everyone from time to time. Whether diving behind your desk and accidentally clicking your mouse or one of your colleagues with a ‘what-would-this-button-do?’ attitude. Of course, a cat walking on the keyboard is a likely scenario at a veterinary practice as well!

Making an unintentional change can be annoying. It is often not immediately a disaster, but incorrect client or patient data, or an accidental product or billing error can have unpleasant consequences for the customer experience or the course of your working day.

Recover data with Animana’s audit log

When an error happens (and ‘the cat’ has left your keyboard), there’s no need to panic – as with other software, data in Animana is usually recoverable.

Animana’s audit log contains every change a user makes and is available to all users (with appropriate permissions). With some digging, you can find the change yourself (and, in some cases, the deleted or modified data) and make any necessary corrections.

Some examples where the Animana audit log can offer a solution:

Accidental deletion of owner or patient data. Of course, it’s the cat on the keyboard again… With the audit log, you can easily filter by user, item and action to quickly identify and view the deleted data.

Payment adjustments. Reception can often be chaotic, with several Animana tabs open, and before you know it, an adjustment is made in the wrong tab. No problem; it is recorded in the audit log and correctable.

An unexpected show. No appointment on the agenda, but the pet owner is at the reception, right? No problem; use the audit log to see if the owner’s appointment was modified or removed from the agenda.


The audit log can also help with the following examples:

  • If you want to know who changed a product
  • If you want to know who has changed client or patient data and what the previous data was
  • If you want to know who has adjusted invoices or prices on invoices
  • If you want to know who has adjusted margin rules or health plans
  • If you want to know who deleted or changed an appointment
  • If you want to know who has adjusted the cash count or to be able to detect amounts of fraud

Who can use the audit log?

The audit log is available by default in Animana. The access rights to the audit log are limited to users with ‘admin’ rights in your Animana account. If you do not have access to the audit log or have a question about it, have a read through the article below.

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