Free rabies antibody test for Ukrainian pets

2 mins

A humanitarian disaster is currently unfolding for the people of Ukraine. In addition, we are receiving reports that some of the pets of Ukrainian refugees need laboratory testing. Therefore, we are offering free rabies antibody testing for Ukrainian pets all over Europe. In view of the seriousness of the situation in Poland, we are also offering a free ‘Big Check-up’ in that country. Depending on how the situation develops, we may extend this further.

Extended until 30th April

At IDEXX, we remain committed to improving pets’ health and well-being, so we have decided to extend the free rabies titer for pets of Ukrainian refugees until 30th April.

Appling for a free rabies antibody test

Process the rabies antibody testing as usual, but please note these additional steps:

  1. Mandatory pet identification An identification number is required for the preparation of official travel documents. When applying for the rabies test, ensure you provide the animal’s identification number (e.g. chip number). If no chip/identification number is present, you will need to add one before submitting the test.
  2. Ensure you can provide the travel certificate to the animal owner The travel certificate is a paper document that must be given to the animal owner. Therefore, please ensure that you can give the document to the owner after we have sent it to your practice.
  3. Label the request form Please write ‘Ukraine’ at the top of the manual request form, or if you are applying via VetConnect PLUS or IDEXX Animana, please write ‘Ukraine’ at the top of the printed form.

At the end of the free test period (30 April 2022), please complete the statement below and e-mail it to:


Depending on how the current crisis develops, we may be able to extend the free trial period. In the case of an extension, please fill in and mail the statement on the new closing date.

Please contact your IDEXX account manager or IDEXX customer service if you have any questions.

We hope that this free trial opportunity will enable you to help Ukrainian refugees and their pets when and where needed.

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