Introducing our first self-paced learning course: “An introduction to Animana”

2 mins

A recently published article on our blog explained how you inspired us by completing the Learning & Knowledge survey in 2019. Based on this feedback, we set to work to create a blend of learning materials to help users get acquainted with our software. So we’re pleased to announce the availability of our first new course: “An introduction to Animana”. 

This course is the first of several self-paced courses we are planning. It focuses on providing the knowledge a new user needs to get up and running. Hence, it’s perfect if you have a new hire you’d like to get up to speed or if you want an overview of Animana. The modules in this course include lessons on client and patient management, consultations, adding products, invoicing, and processing payments.

Each lesson in the course contains a video covering the feature, and most give you the chance to practice with the help of onscreen step-by-step instructions. If you are only watching the videos, this course will take approximately 40 minutes, or around 60 minutes if you follow along with the exercises.

Oh, and one more thing – this course is free of charge! You can immediately access this course by clicking on the question-mark icon in Animana at the bottom right, click the Learning tab and selecting one of the lessons to start:


If you have any questions or you are having issues seeing this course, please proceed with the steps in this knowledge base article. If that doesn’t work, contact our Customer Support team who will be happy to help.

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