How you have inspired us in two significant ways

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In July 2019, you might have seen a message asking to help us out with our Learning & Knowledge Survey. Through the survey we aimed to understand what, when, and how you want to learn. We received many responses, and we would like to thank you for providing helpful insights which motivate us to create enjoyable and effective learning experiences for you!

By taking the survey, you have contributed significantly to the Learning team at Animana, whose objective is to create an environment where you can become more proficient with Animana at your own pace and convenience. Our “Care More” slogan drives us, and we continuously think about how you can become more efficient with our software, so it’s great to have your input so we can work on ways to help you learn more and grow more proficient with Animana.

Let’s look at two key takeaways from the survey.

“Nobody wants to come home after an exhaustive day of work and do long and bland learning.”

Results show us that 52% of the respondents are not given the time to learn at work, and 79% have indicated they would rather learn outside of working hours at their convenience at home. These numbers were not a surprise given the hectic nature of every-day life in a practice – which does not provide room for learning.

When creating the survey we assumed that the motivation for learning is a driven desire to “become better at the job”, this was seen in the results – 86% of the respondents also felt that way. What is also interesting to note is that the top three learning drivers are focused on personal development – not because the job requires it.

What does this tell us? So you generally learn at home, outside practice hours, to become better at what you do. To us, that means that we don’t want to deliver boring learning experiences. You helped us confirm that that nobody wants to come home after an exhaustive day of work and do long and bland learning. That’s why we are aiming to design learning experiences that are light, exciting and full of content that is short and easy to digest.

“We believe that the perfect learning experience contains a blend of different materials to make it effective.”

We are always looking for ways to offer relevant learning experiences to you. But we also discovered that the current offering we have (which consists of the Knowledge Base and In-Product Walkthroughs), are not enough. That’s why we started an initiative to develop deliver structured learning courses. And to make sure there was an appetite for it, we asked questions related to this topic in the survey. Now let’s talk about the results. 66% of the respondents prefer to follow “online training courses (to be followed in their own time and pace)”, and 54% indicates that they want to learn through “instructional videos”. What also may not go unnoticed is that the “Guided tours in the application itself” can also be found in the top three preferences:

We believe that the perfect learning experience contains a blend of different materials to make it effective. We could ask you to learn more about specific features by reading a single Knowledge Base article, watch a single video, or participate in a Webinar. But sometimes that is not enough. Best practice in the online education industry has shown that a collection of learning materials, also referred to as a course, is one of the effective ways of learning new things.

What’s next?

Your feedback has provided us with useful insights which we can now turn into actions. These actions require a lot of brainstorming, planning and producing to achieve the desired result. But rest assured that we are spending our days working hard on delivering new learning experiences that will help you become better at doing your job and care more for your patients.

In the months to come, you will see some changes in our learning materials. One of the most recent changes was to add instruction videos to knowledge base articles – an example of that change can be seen here. The second change will be the introduction of a self-paced learning course for new users to get aquainted with the basics of Animana. 

As time passes on, we will do our best to keep you informed. In the meanwhile, please make yourself familiar with the current help resources you have available to learn more about our software:

  • Knowledge Base
  • Walkthroughs: Click on the “?” icon in the bottom-right corner of Animana:

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