How we’re making Animana better for you – November 2020 update

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The most important part of building features is understanding what the user is trying to achieve. For that, the Product Management team reaches out to users in a variety of ways. User input, whether via a conference call or filling in a questionnaire, is incredibly valuable to the success of what we are trying to build. Research is a key area we’re always looking for help with, so if you see a survey pop-up in Animana – and can spare a few minutes – help us enhance Animana by giving your input.

Looking forward to the coming releases

Ensuring you have complete client records

Having accurate data is important to running an efficient business. If you have an incorrect phone number or are missing an email address, you might not be able to contact your client. To help with this, when creating a new client record, we will add checks to alert if key items such as first name or address are missing. In the future, we will be looking at how phone numbers are entered and displayed.

Linking different email addresses to specific tasks

Animana allows you to save several email addresses for a client, but frequently users have requested the ability to use email addresses based on different circumstances. With this in mind, we have started research to identify a comprehensive list of activities which can be linked to addresses and ranking them by importance. In the future, you will likely be able to store email addresses differently and assign them to different tasks.

Easier patient file searching

We recently undertook customer research which highlighted opportunities to improve the readability of the patient file. Once implemented, these enhancements will reduce the time spent looking for documents and images while making it easier to absorb information. Look out for the upcoming release notes where we describe the enhancements in more detail.


Please keep an eye on the Animana start page for further release information. Meanwhile, if you have any queries regarding the process, please feel free to reach out to our product team.

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