How we’re making Animana better for you – Q1 2021 update

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In 2021, a key theme for IDEXX Animana is data quality. We’re looking at ways to improve the data stored in Animana – whether it’s entered and maintained directly in Animana or via our API service and a 3rd party partner.

Data quality is a critical area to address. The benefits of valid information can be directly linked to improving workload efficiency, easier client communication, and better patient health outcomes.

Here are some examples of improvements:

  • Standardised data formats allow workload automation and application integrations, which can reduce the time spent on administrative tasks and can enable end-to-end management of your practice with minimal effort.
  • Data accuracy ensures that your client communications are more likely to be received and acted upon. It also allows you to deliver a more personalised experience for your customers with minimal effort.
  • Accuracy is also critical when it comes to clinical data. It ensures the right treatments are prescribed, and greater insights are possible using captured data.

We’re starting this journey by improving the page where you create a new client. To make sure you never forget to complete the client record, we’re making some of the fields mandatory. The mandatory fields include client type, full name (or a company name), address and phone number. We’re also looking into introducing tips that help ensure your phone numbers are valid, such as the right country code and number length.

These improvements will be introduced in stages so please look out for future communications where we will provide pre-release descriptions of what will change and when.

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In addition to the data quality initiative, we’re also launching our customer research group. If you’d like to help us solve problems through software development and be part of future research groups, click here.

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