One year of the Animana help hub

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It’s been a year since the launch of the Animana help hub, and at Animana, we are extremely proud of its growth and impact over the past year. In this article, we look at how the help hub has helped veterinarians, veterinary nurses, and practice staff maximise their use of IDEXX Animana and streamline their day-to-day operations.

You probably always have your hands full during a working day, and we understand that time is a precious commodity and that things don’t always run smoothly. Sometimes you need a little help, and at Animana, we aim to make working in your practice as easy as possible. The Animana help hub is the starting point for Animana help, how-to’s and best practices, and we are excited to celebrate its 1st anniversary!

About the Animana help hub

The Animana help hub consists of five elements: Get, Learn, Support, Status and Request. Within these, you have everything you need to work efficiently, quickly and successfully with Animana. Whether you’re looking for an answer, seeking training and knowledge, requesting an integration, or would like to change or add something to your account, the help hub is there to get you a quick answer 24/7. Of course, in more detailed or tricky cases, our dedicated Customer Support team is ready to assist. In short, the help hub has it all, and that’s not surprising because the help hub is updated every month and supplemented with new articles, tools and solutions. For example, this is what we’ve been working on for the past year:

Our most successful elements

In addition to the 5 core elements, the Animana help hub has also proved very successful in several other, perhaps less well-known areas:

1. Optimal customer support

Good support is essential for a positive user experience. As an Animana user, you can now find answers and submit requests faster and easier via the help hub, saving you valuable time. For us, our Customer Support team can now offer you a solution faster by providing direct links to relevant help hub content and requests, which previously may have needed a long telephone call.

2. Animana updates

Each month, Animana introduces and implements new features and improvements. To inform you of these changes, we use supporting documentation in the form of release notes, in-platform tools, and the help hub. These ensure that you have access to the latest information via the Animana help hub so that you know how to take full advantage of the latest release.

3. Quick information in the right context

We understand your need to find relevant information when you need it, and that’s why we’ve also made the information from the Animana help hub available through page-specific menus in Animana itself. To launch these menus, look for a link at the top right of core pages. The menus contain links to relevant resources, such as; help articles, training videos, tours, and best practice information. This way, you get direct access to the information you are looking for at that moment, which saves you time.

4. Search the way you like it

We are proud that our extensive collection of help articles is well-indexed by search engines. Not only does this provide transparency to new and future users, but it also helps you to troubleshoot efficiently. If you get stuck, just type your question directly into your internet browser. Thanks to our indexed information, you will be taken directly to the correct article on the Animana help hub, simplifying your search process.

5. Status page; the latest information in case of a problem

If you think there’s a problem with Animana, the Animana status page should be the first page you go to. If a problem has been identified, the status page is updated, and then supplemented with background information, alternative methods and (temporary) solutions as more is known. This allows you to have the latest information without spending valuable time on the phone.

What can you expect from the help hub in the future?

As the past few years have taught us, we cannot predict what the future will bring. We can, however, assure you that we will always be concerned with the question of how we can help you even better. And to this end, the Animana help hub is constantly evolving. We continue to develop new articles and self-help experiences. We do this part based on research, data and your feedback. So if you have any feedback, let us know – at the bottom of each help hub article, you will find the option to provide feedback, and we encourage you to do so!

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